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TractionReview.com offers a information service on tire buying. All views expressed in the comments are that of our users. Our postings and listings are intended to be ‘informative’ and refrain from using terms such as “best” or “worst” to describe the tire as a function of what the manufacturer claims. All content you provide to the site becomes owned by TractionReview.com. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason, as well as remove any account for any reason.

Our list is by no means comprehensive. We started with more popular brands and tires that the owners and editors of TractionReview.com have used in the past. Over time, more tires will be added, but please realize that this takes time to gather all the information. We do not intend to single out any one brand or manufacturer or disclude any tire based on personal opinion.

If you are a manufacturer and wish to have your entire line removed from our site, please contact us with proper credentials.

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